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Why study in Europe?

Experience Europe’s world-class education system and its expansive offering of bachelor’s and master’s courses, doctoral study programmes and more.

Explore Europe’s diverse languages and cultures in a welcoming, social environment.

We are professional team who help foreigners to study in Europe.


Planning your studies

Choose a country In the country profiles you can find information on all 33 European countries that are in the Erasmus+ programme. Visit the page of the country that you’re interested in to see if it offers what you are looking for.


Higher education in Europe

Each country has its own individual higher education system. All are part of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), and that students, researchers and academics in Europe can collaborate and study or work abroad more easily.


Visa and insurance

Almost everyone that holds a non- EU/EEA nationality needs a visa when he or she wants to stay in Europe for a longer period of time. Students are often required to apply for a student visa. With this visa you can stay in your host country for a fixed period of time.

Many universities and colleges in Europe offer accommodation to students in a student residence hall or block of flats.
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Study in Europe - Top Universities, Programs & Scholarships
Study in Europe – Top Universities, Programs & Scholarships

We are Professional team that work with students around of world.

#1. Can I work when I am holding a student visa?

Most countries allow students on a visa to work part-time, but some countries place restrictions on the amount of hours that visa-holders can work

#2. Costs

Studying in Europe can be very cost-effective. European countries invest in their higher education systems to help make education affordable for students, whilst maintaining high quality standards.

#3. Make the most of your time in Europe!

Enjoy your time at work and play.

Study in Europe - Top Universities, Programs & Scholarships

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“Euro Studying by CY-EU club help me to find best university in Greece “

Emma Hart

“I make my dream come true. I finish my university last year and I remain in Germany for job ”

Eddie Johnson

“Great team from Cyprus. They Give me best advice. Today I’m married in France, and i work in IT industry. ”

Jonathan Doe

“Perfect services and advice for young students. They help me allot. Also after master degrease they stay in touch and today I leave my Dream in Cyprus. Maried & working in Telecommunication industry.”

Mike Edward

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